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I've written a book about football that's reached #1. Brilliant.

With Steve Cherry, Summer 2018, deciding which photos to include in 'Cherry Picking'

From a reader just down the road in Derby. Thank you!
December 2015: There are a few good things about the cold winter weather!
During a recent visit to Dublin I saw this astonishing sculpture outside Dublin Gaol commemorating those executed by the British in 1916. The Irish are fiercly proud of their independance.
August 13th 2015, central England. The wheat and barley have gone, replaced by stubble, crows, and pigeons. Full summer, with a very slight hint of autumn in the air.
July 2015: I'm not a religious person so this is the closest I have to a pilgrimage of my own. Standing outside Syd Barrett's old house in Cambridge, England. Homage to the influence he and Pink Floyd had on my life.
July 2015: Israel. In Akko, north west Israel, on the coast. Like Haifa, a 'mixed' city of Jews, Muslims and Christians living together.We ate lunch in Said's Houmous Restaurant. I've never seen so much delicious houmous! All you can eat for 15 shekels, about £3. It is an incredibly popular Arab restaurant, with a diverse mix of customers.
July 2015: Israel. I took this photo on a train from Tel-Aviv to Haifa one Friday afternoon. I'd heard in the media about 'apartheid' Israel where Muslims do not mix with Jews. What struck me the most about this scene was the very casualness of it. Clearly there may be other parts of Israel where such harmony could be a more challenging prospect, but perhaps, if rather naively, this is an indication of the possibilities?
July 2015. Wearing a police uniform again for a photo shoot in London.
Truly humbling and very flattering to see 'Who'd be a copper?' among such greats in the Amazon UK 'True accounts' category:
Signing copies of 'Who'd be a copper?' at the launch party on 7th March in Nottingham. More photos in the News section.
A recent visit to the publishers, Troubador, near Leicester, to personally thank Amy and Sarah for helping in the production process of 'Who'd be a copper?'
Sid likes to sit at my desk when I'm writing. He tells me he's comfortable but frankly I don't believe him!
I wish he'd buy his own newspapers, he always wants to read over my shoulder!
Two romantic fools together. At Lawrence of Arabia's grave,Dorset, England,September 2014
Summer 2013, Hyson Green, Nottingham.
Early 2013 outside Edwards Lane Community Centre, Nottingham
(photo from 'Who'd be a copper?')
July 2014:
On a recent visit to Israel I found this jagged piece of rocket shrapnel on the roof terrace of our Tel Aviv hotel just after one of the daily alerts. Memories of the Katyusha rocket air-raids I describe in my book, Kibbutz Virgin.
Gaza city, 1982. I'm the one on the right with the hair!
Below: My sketch of our room at Kibbutz Dafna, northern Israel. from 'Kibbutz Virgin'
Below: A volunteer hard at work at the kibbutz dishwasher.
From Kibbutz Virgin
Below: Outside Kibbutz Dafna's factory, with Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights in the background.
Kibbutz Virgin.
Below: Barclay (on the grass) John, Graham & Chris on part of the miklat, outside the room after a hard day at work.
From Kibbutz Virgin.
Below: Posing in a borrowed army uniform. Kibbutz Dafna,
Below: Sitting on top of the miklat (air raid shelter) outside our room, reading. Kibbutz Dafna, Israel. Note the door is open, just in case!
Below: A volunteer working The Conveyor in the factory at Kibbutz Dafna.
Below: one of the ubiquitous smells of Israel, 'Time' cigarettes.
See the News/Blog section for some more recent photographs from Kibbutz Dafna.


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News                                 Jan 2021: Jonathan is well into the process of writing his next book, also about a pilot in WW2, but in a completely different theatre of war from his last book 'Kittyhawk Down', the fact-based story of an RAF pilot in the desert. Luftwaffe pilot Paul Ratz crash-landed his FW190 in July 1943 on the Leningrad Front and the aeroplane wasn't found until 1989. 'Vermisst - Paul Ratz & his FW190' will be published later in 2021.  Meanwhile, 'Kittyhawk Down' has received some great reviews so far. It is available as a paperback or as an ebook for your phone or tablet via Amazon, Googleplay, or direct from the publishers. The never-before-told story of missing pilot Dennis Copping who disappeared on 28th June 1942 in Kittyhawk ET574, is published by The Book Guild.  The paperback is also available at Waterstones, Foyles and other great bookshops.                                                            Feb 2019 -  'Cherry Picking' is now available on Amazon and other internet retailers as paperback and ebook.                                                            Aug 2018 - 'Cherry Picking - Life between the Sticks' has been taken on by traditional publisher The Book Guild and will be released on 28th Feb 2019                                                                               June 2018: Jonathan has now completed the manuscript for the new book 'Cherry Picking - Life between the Sticks' working with Steve Cherry, former goalkeeper with Derby County, Walsall, Plymouth Argyle & Notts County, about his football career.  Hopefully released later in 2018/early 2019.                                                                                          September 2017:  'Active' released under the fiction writing pen name of Dan Hastings.                                                                                                                                                                June 2016: 'Who'd be a Copper?' Shortlisted by Writing Magazine Best Self-Published Book 2016.                                                                                                                                                                             

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