Jonathan Nicholas - Author
Jonathan Nicholas - Author
"To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the music the words make." - Truman Capote
"Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within." - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
"My task which I am trying to achieve is by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel, it is, before all, to make you see. That, and no more, and it is everything."
-Joseph Conrad

Here are a few of my favourite, interesting words:

Mordant - characterised by biting sarcasm
Scathing - severely critical
Discomfited - disconcert, frustrate
Vertiginous - causing vertigo eg. Vertiginous cliffs
Flinty - hard and unyielding, reminiscent of flint
Boorish - ill-mannered
Demur - raise objections

Demure - quiet and serious, or pretending to be so

Feckless - feeble, incompetent, irresponsible

Timorous - timid, timorousness
Asthenic - weak, relating to or exhibiting asthenia, having a slender lightly muscled physique
Perfidious - treacherous, disloyal
Torpid - sluggish and inactive, torpidity
Filial - of, or due from a son or daughter
Laudatory - expressing praise
Convivial - sociable and lively
Rapacious - greedy, grasping, plundering of others
Beguiling - win the attention or interest of
Nebulous - cloud-like, lacking substance
Equivocation - use ambiguous words to conceal the truth
Dichotomy - opposite, contrast, entirely different
Vilify - say evil things about, vilification
Unequivocal - clear, robust
Equivocal - unclear, ambiguous
Pejorative - expressing contempt or disapproval
Inculcate - desire to implant (ideas or habits)
Ignoble - not noble in character, aims or purpose
Nostrum - quick remedy
Fetid - stinking
Recalcitrant - disobedient
Circumspect - cautious or prudent
Indolent - lazy
Ab intra - from within (Latin)
Non sequitur - it does not follow – a comment which is absurd due to not making sense (Latin)
Errant - erring, misbehaving
Onanism - masturbation
Fecundity - producing many ideas
Captious - fond of finding fault or raising objections about trivial matters, captiously
Febrile - feverish
Memento vivere - a reminder of life (Latin)
Prima facie - evidence which is suggestive but not conclusive (Latin)
Res nullius - belongs to no-one (Latin)
Stercus accidit - shit happens (Latin)
Anomalous - deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected
Peremptory - imperious, insisting on obedience
Phlegmatic - not easily excited or agitated
Pejorative - expressing disapproval, disparaging
Wistful - full of sad or vague longing
Perfunctory - done as a duty or routine but without much care or interest
Enamoured - feeling great fondness or love
Hegemony - leadership, particularly by one country
Pernicious - very harmful or destructive
Nescient - ignorant
Antipathy - hatred
Rectitude - moral goodness, correctness of behaviour or procedure
Craven - cowardly
Anodyne - anything that relives pain or distress
Vacillate - waver, keep changing one’s mind
Exculpate - free from blame
Ethereal - light and delicate, particularly in appearance
Arch - consciously or affectedly playful eg. ‘an arch smile…’
Inane - silly, lacking sense
Eponym - a word or name derived from the name of a person, eponymous
Vituperate - use abusive language, vituperative
Exigent - pressing, demanding
Lexical - of, or relating to the words or vocabulary of a language
Parenthesis - a word or phrase inserted as an explanation or after thought
Ossify - to cease developing, become inflexible
Bien-pensant - right thinking, orthodox (French)
Equanimity - calmness, composure
Imperious - arrogant
Imponderable - impossible or very difficult to assess or estimate
Patrician - comes from a family of high social rank, or looks or behaves as though they do
Accretion - a layer of material which gradually forms on top of something
Unctuous - someone who pretends to be full of praise, kindness, or interest, but is obviously insincere
Exiguous -very small
Lapidary - of or relating to the engraving, cutting, polishing of stones and gems , eg ‘ he had lapidary features’.
Perspicacity - having a ready insight into and understanding of things, perspicacious
Perspicuous - an account clearly expressed and easily understood
Sonorous - capable of producing a deep or ringing sound
Concomitant - naturally accompanying or associated
Insouciant - casually unconcerned
Tendentious - calculated to promote a particular cause or point of view
I love poetry and I don't wish to populate this site with too much of it. But I read this recently and can't resist posting it:
Facing you
I am not jealous
If you arrived
With a man on your back,
or a hundred men
hanging in the rigging of your hair,
or a thousand men
sleeping on the soft mound of your belly,
if you were a river
filled with drowned men
met by the furious sea
foaming at its mouth,
by eternal weather -
if you arrived with them all
where I wait for you,
I would not be jealous.
We will always be alone.
We will always be, you and I,
alone on this earth
to begin life.
- Daniel Hardisty


If you have always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to go for it!

Feb 2021: Jonathan is well into the process of writing his next book, also about a pilot in WW2, but in a completely different theatre of war from his last book 'Kittyhawk Down', the fact-based story of an RAF pilot in the desert. Luftwaffe pilot Paul Ratz crash-landed his FW190 in July 1943 on the Leningrad Front and the aeroplane wasn't found until 1989. 'Vermisst - Paul Ratz & his FW190' will be published later in 2021.  Meanwhile, 'Kittyhawk Down' has received some great reviews so far. It is available as a paperback or as an ebook for your phone or tablet via Amazon, Googleplay, or direct from the publishers. The never-before-told story of missing pilot Dennis Copping who disappeared on 28th June 1942 in Kittyhawk ET574, is published by The Book Guild.  The paperback is also available at Waterstones, Foyles and other great bookshops.                                                            Feb 2019 -  'Cherry Picking' is now available on Amazon and other internet retailers as paperback and ebook.                                                            Aug 2018 - 'Cherry Picking - Life between the Sticks' has been taken on by traditional publisher The Book Guild and will be released on 28th Feb 2019                                                                               June 2018: Jonathan has now completed the manuscript for the new book 'Cherry Picking - Life between the Sticks' working with Steve Cherry, former goalkeeper with Derby County, Walsall, Plymouth Argyle & Notts County, about his football career.  Hopefully released later in 2018/early 2019.                                                                                          September 2017:  'Active' released under the fiction writing pen name of Dan Hastings.                                                                                                                                                                June 2016: 'Who'd be a Copper?' Shortlisted by Writing Magazine Best Self-Published Book 2016.                                                                                                                                                                             

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